Grill Scraper for George Foreman Indoor Grills, Heat-Resistant Grill Spatula


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Material Nylon
Color Black
Brand TonGass
Number of Pieces 1
Is Dishwasher Safe Yes
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George Foreman Indoor Grill Scraper/Spatula Features


  • Multi-use grill spatula and grill scraper
  • Compatible with almost all George Foreman indoor grill and panini press grill models
  • Also compatible with other brands of non-stick electric grillers/cookers, cast-iron stovetop griddles, ceramic grill plates, and waffle makers/irons. It’s specifically compatible with the Cuisinart Electric Griddler (measure the distance between the grooves to ensure an exact fit).
  • Won’t leave scuffs and marks on the grill’s surface.
  • Precision-cut slots/notches fit the grill’s grooves for easy food flipping and efficient burnt food scraping.
  • Rounded handle designed for a comfortable and ergonomic grip
  • Designed for heavy-duty use on hard-to-remove burnt or sticky food bits
  • With a hanging hole for easy storage
  • Made of highly heat-resistant nylon that can withstand up to 400℉
  • A highly durable grill scraper tool that will last you for years!


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